May 2020

Life after lockdown at Herdwork

Come and do business at Herdwork, say duo

What a roller coaster ride of a few weeks! We hope that everyone and their families have remained safe and well during these strange times. As we emerge from lockdown, we are excited to announce that Herdwork – while it never went away during lockdown, the space always being available for members to use at their discretion – will formally be welcoming back members from Monday, 01 June.

There will be some small changes at Herdwork, designed to protect the health and wellbeing of all our members and team, but nothing that should impact on any members’ work or use of the space. The plan of action, allowing us all to work safely in this new normal, is as follows:

•  Social distance – we all know about social distancing. Thank goodness when we designed the communal areas – many months ago, in a pre Covid world – we created lots of space!

• All members will be issued with a washable, reusable face mask. Our team will be wearing masks when moving around the common areas and we’d really appreciate it if all members would consider doing the same. Once stationary at a desk or within your own office this will down to personal preference as there is adequate social distancing in place.

• Hand sanitiser will be located throughout the building. We would kindly ask that all members and visitors wash their hands or use sanitiser on entering the building and randomly throughout the day. Fun fact – the Medial Research Council recently published a study in Wellcome Open Research that suggests washing your hands 6-10 times a day makes catching infections such as coronavirus much less likely.

• The kitchen will be a one way system i.e. enter via the fridge end, exit by the coffee machine. Only 2 members max to be in the kitchen at any one time, maintaining social distancing at all times.

• Magazines will be removed.

• Mugs, glasses, crockery and cutlery will be removed. We will be supplying all members with a new Herdwork reusable water bottle and hot drinks cup. There has been a slight delay in obtaining these so, in the interim, disposable cups will be provided for drinks. Members are also welcome to bring their own cups/bottles/cutlery. We will allocate each member a cubby to store personal items.

• The coffee machine will be available for use – we simply ask that members use hand sanitiser before using. Ditto using the fridge and microwave.

• There will be regular cleaning with antibacterial products, particularly in high touch areas.

• The meeting rooms must be booked via the App – this is to ensure the Herdwork team know which spaces have been used and therefore which spaces need to be sanitised. Please speak to Sam if you have any questions on how to book.

• Antibac wipes will be placed near all desks/tables/seating areas in the communal space. If you could take a moment to wipe down the area of use when you move on, we, and all the other members, would be really grateful.

• If you are showing any signs of coronavirus we kindly ask that you refrain from using the space.

These are new, uncharted waters for us all, and if there are any questions, suggestions or concerns on any of the points discussed (or that have been missed) please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Herdwork team.

We look forward to formally welcoming you all back next week.