Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a free trial day?

Our trial is a brilliant way to experience Herdwork life. Come for a day to our Windermere or Kirkby Lonsdale office, make use of the facilities, chat to some of our members and decide if you’d like to join us. Simply request a day via the form here.

Is it possible to book a meeting room without being a member?

It sure is. Our meeting rooms are available to book by local businesses, freelancers, digital nomads, community groups, podcasters, writers who need a befitting library or anyone who just wants a comfy chair to read the paper.

How long is the contract?

Our memberships are flexible, with just a one month commitment and one month’s notice period. Alternatively, if all you want is meeting room space, you can book it on an ad hoc basis when you need it with no ongoing contract. Take a look at our membership options.

What is co-working?

Simply put, it’s a shared office with a range of individuals and businesses using the space. You can choose our hot desking membership, which allows you to pick whichever desk you fancy working on today. Alternatively we have fixed desks in our shared office, so you can leave your computer at the office and make use of a small storage cabinet next to the desk.

If you’re looking for more privacy, our separate offices give you your own space with the benefit of also being able to use our co-working space when you fancy working amongst the other Herdwork members.

Do you have showers and changing facilities at your offices?

Yes! If you fancy a swim in Windermere before work, cycling to the office or a run at lunch, we have lovely shower facilities. We’re also working on adding secure bike racks to make your morning commute more fun.

Do your offices have quiet places to make calls?

If you need a private space to make phone calls our Library meeting room at Kirkby Lonsdale is a great option, which can be booked by the hour by members and non-members. Alternatively our spaces have chairs in quieter corners for taking calls.

Is there free parking at your offices?

Yes! Both of our sites have plenty of free on-site parking spaces.

Can I book a one-off space for a zoom call?

Absolutely. Our Library at Kirkby Lonsdale is a stylish, quiet and private space to make calls and is available to book by the hour, half day or full day. Checkout our membership options for pricing.

Do you have space for filming videos / podcasts etc?

Yes, do get in touch with us to discuss what you’re looking for. Our stylish venues provide a range of options for creating a variety of content and we’d be happy to chat through what you’re looking for.

Do you offer registered business addresses?

With all our monthly membership options you're welcome to use our office addresses as your registered business address.